What kind of signs do you make?
Comstock Signs supplies every type of sign you can imagine. CLICK HERE to see a few we've made for our
clients in recent years.
What kind of signs should I get?
Anything better than your competitor would be preferred, right? So it when it comes down to it, getting the best sign
in your budget is always the best way to go.

Here's a few things to ask yourself:
1. How
visible to the public do I really want my business to be?
2. Do my neighbor's businesses have
lighted signs?
3. Do my
vehicles advertise my business wherever they go?
4. Am I wasting money on other types of advertising when, for a lot less money, I could be
much more
              not  only at our office, but out in the field.
How do I know if Comstock Signs is really the best choice for me?
We could simply tell you  'We're the best', but many sign companies claim that.  Words mean nothing without
something to back them up. Here's what we've got:

Over 40 years in the sign business.
Hands-on Experience in all types of signs, from simple banners to complicated neon
programming.  Concrete monument signs, illuminated pylon signs, we've done it all!
- All E
lectrical and Construction Licenses. Fully insured and bonded.
Skilled & Trained sign-crafters.
- Ongoing educational program that keeps us in the forefront of sign technology.
- Our Guarantee that your signage will be the best money can buy.
- We're locally owned and operated.
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